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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  October 6, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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the situation will likely only get worse as of course we head deeper into the rush hour. >> of course we'll continue to follow that throughout the evening. we are also keeping a close eye this afternoon on tropical storm nate as it gains strength and heads towards the gulf coast. it is friday after niim. i'm brian taff. >> and i'm alicia vitarelli. we start at 4:00 with morgan mcgee. >> that's right. this is something we will be tracking as we get into sunday night and into the beginning of next week as well. right now nate is still a tropical storm with maximum sustained winds at 50 miles per hour. you notice some convective activity on the southwestern side of this storm here. it's grazing over the yucatan peninsula as we speak. so as it reemerges out into the gulf of mexico, we do anticipate some strengthening with this storm. hurricane watches and warnings already posted. in fact we've got a hurricane warning for areas in alabama, mississippi, and louisiana as
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well as we track this moisture coming out of the gulf of mexico and moving to the north northeast affecting the gulf coast states. here's the track with tropical storm nate. you can see this storm system more than likely strengthening into a category 1 hurricane as we get into saturday evening and then it works its way up into the united states and it really passes over a large chunk of real estate in a short amount of time as this accelerates here and as it works its way into the mid atlantic region, monday into tuesday, we will be tracking that moisture and the remnants of tropical storm nate. what to expect sunday night right through monday, 1-2 inches of rain possible locally, up to 3 inches of rain in some spots. ponding on the roads is a big concerns. we're not anticipating creek or river flooding at this time. certainly much-needed rain on the way. for now back over to you, brian. >> all right, thank you. and with all those watches and warnings around the gulf coast, people there are being urged to
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get ready right now. residents and business owners in new orleans are particularly concerned, they're wondering if the city's pumps and drainage system will hold up. the mayor says much progress has been made since concerns first emerged this summer, but there is still some work to be done. crews are also cleaning out storm drains in hopes of keeping neighborhood flooding to a minute number. meanwhile this is what it looked like when nate moved over central america. this is what it looks like in nicaragua. it was a similar scene in costa rica. as you head into your weekend keep an eye on your forecast at >> first a school was closed because of mold and parents fearing a mold problem showed up
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at the middle school to get their children. parents showing startling pictures like these on social media. action news reporter bob brooks is outside the middle school with details and parents are certainly concerned about this for sure. >> reporter: they're very concerned. we spoke with several families who say their children are coming to the schools and getting sick. we're now talking about the health of children and parents say they're also upset about the mold but also the fact that the school district isn't being truthful as they go about this process. it wasn't hard to find parents upset and removing their kids early today from williamstown middle school. >> they're dropping tiles that are covered in mold and they're doing this while they're in school. >> reporter: they suspect mold has affected the building in the same way that it has the holly glen elementary school. >> the principal just admitted that there were tiles being
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removed while children were attending school. >> reporter: these pictures were posted today to a facebook group called monroe township schools mold. they're from inside tt williamstown middle school. we spoke with a variety of parents and students they are sick at school and no where else. >> my child has asthma. she's on allergy medication. yet any other time when she's home she doesn't seem to need that. >> i'm perfectly fine at home and i come here and my throat is itchy, i'm coughing. >> she spent the first week going back to school going to the doctors, i can't breathe. her eyes were bloodshot i thought she was going to start bleeding from the eyes. >> reporter: here's what her doctor told her. >> they put on the paper that she's suffering from mold. mildew. >> reporter: that's three families of many we spoke to who
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says mold in the schools are making their children sick and they vow their kids won't go back until it's safe. >> i'm heartbroken has to lose time from school. these children shouldn't have to suffer. >> reporter: the children from holly glen are set to go to other schools throughout the district. reporting live in williamstown, bob brooks, action news. >> turning now to the latest on the mass shooting in las vegas. investigators are still trying to figure out if the gun man had any help in the hours and days before he opened fire sunday night. this as cities across america increase security for big events planned over the weekend. >> reporter: officials tell abc investigators trying to figure out whether the las vegas mass murderer acted alone now believe the woman he was seen with in the days before the attack was a prostitute. but they believe someone may
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have helped him based on the elaborate planning. the amount of guns he had in that hotel room and because officials say some of the ammo was bought under someone else's name. >> there's people that know this individual. there's people that can help us understand this individual. >> reporter: with reports paddock may have considered other targets searching for hotel rooms near fenway park and booking rooms in chicago, can some cities are increasing security for big events, including in chicago for this weekend's marathon. >> there's been a double, triple checking of everything. >> reporter: back in nevada, a somber reminder of the overwhelming loss. under the welcome to las vegas sign 58 white crosses, one for each life taken. >> las vegas is having would be of the darkest days in american history. but i'm trying to shed a light on that by bringing home. >> reporter: one of those victims charleston hartfield. thousands gathered to honor the
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army veteran and father of three. >> if there's a checklist to be an american he hit every single box and he made up some boxes. >> reporter: and donations to help all the victims' families and the survivors keep pouring in with more than $9.5 million raised so far. >> and this programming note to pass along this afternoon. abc news and 20/20 will air a special documentary presentation tonight. it will feature brand new first person accounts and footage highlighting the heroism. "heartbreak and heros" airs tonight on 6abc. >> in china town community leaders gather together to break ground on a $75 million project. once the community center is built it will offer something for everyone. vernon odom joins us now. this is something the
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neighborhood is very excited about. >> reporter: indeed, alicia. for more than 20 years now, community leaders have been hoping, wishing and praying trying to get the project going. now there are shovels in the ground and a projected completion date. a traditional line dance shows just how big a day this was in chinatown. a vip ceremony to officially stage the groundbreaking at the 10th and vine location where the community center will begin to rise. the project will cost $75 million. for more than 20 years china town's leaders have been planning and hoping they can get this concept off the ground, at last. >> this project alone generates $23 million a year in economic development, 900 jobs from this development. it just means more people will be coming and living in chinatown. we're diverse, we're going to be even more diverse because this is going to be a destination neighborhood. >> reporter: the highrise will
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feature 150 apartments mostly for seniors but plenty of space for young people activity as well. education, community events. it took the financeiers a long time to get on board. long-time chinatown business people and residents believe this will launch their community into a new orbit beyond its borders. >> we're going to chinatown everyone have a place to play and have a place to meet people and have a lot of people can can come in and work. >> reporter: alicia, the completion date is expected to take 26 months from now, just in time for christmas, 2019. i'm vernon odom, channel 6 action news in chinatown. >> all right, thank you. a change in leadership is coming to new jersey with the race for governor in the home
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stretch. 6abc is pleased to be hosting next week's debate. action news's jim gardner will be one of the moderators and we're looking for help from you. send us the questions you would like the candidates to answer. what do you want to hear from them? go to twitter and use the hashta hashtags #njgovdebate. >> there are some significant issues on the roads this afternoon as we get a check on the traffic report. >> we're starting off with an issue out there. if you're going to be traveling out right now on the southbound side of the roosevelt boulevard, it looks like we have some crews that are going to try and block off the westbound lane there. definitely going to be an issue on the boulevard southbound and we're seeing the closure of the southbound exit ramp of the
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schuykill expressway. you can see how crowded we are, this waiting line happening right now on that southbound side. typically we have our big delay northbound, although it doesn't look too bad, you can see up in the distance they could be starting to block this ramp right now we'll keep you updated with all of that but again very crowded conditions you can see on the big picture. 95 very crowded. we have an issue with a disabled vehicle on the westbound of the vine street expressway approaching the parkway. that can can definitely set you back. schuykill jammed in both directions. also some delays on the southbound side of the blue route. before you get to this point, don't forget we have this disabled vehicle approaching the parkway. right here approaching 76 going to be stacked length to length. definitely crowded conditions this afternoon. and we have a new issue as well. a disabled vehicle on the pa turnpike guys, back to you. >> still ahead on action news, the trump administration allows
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more employers to opt out of providing birth control for women. we have details about this change coming up. >> and caught in the phone booth of the future. we'll take a look at the new proposal to bring faster free wi-fi and calling kiosks to our area. >> that's a phone booth? giving the gift of music. a world renowned pianist and delivers a major investment ♪ ♪ hey, my window is closing. yeah that's okay. alright miles. i love you. (phone hangs up) ♪ ♪ yeah i love you too. ♪ ♪ i'll have the langoustine lfor you, sir?i. the original call was for langoustine ravioli.
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the trump administration has issued new rules about contraceptives. employers may now have more leeway to withhold the birth control coverage for religious or moral grounds.
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army sergeant beau bergdahl is expected to enter a guilty plea instead of going to trial for leaving his post in afghanistan. he will submit the plea later this month. sentencing will start after that. the 31-year-old could be looking at life in prison. >> a biopharmaceutical company is bringing new jobs to wilmington. incite corporation officially opened a new global headquarters in that city this morning. the company will employ 700 people for now. a congresswoman and senators were on hand to celebrate in addition to cutting edge lab space, the building has a pickleball court, putting green and community garden up there on the roof. well it's kind of a one-stop communication kiosk and they may be popping up in philadelphia. lynx at several locations
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citywide. they will provide super fast secure wi-fi as well as charging stations for your mobile devices. they also have touch screens for residents and tourists to find services. the company is now awaiting final approval. >> i guess you don't need a quarter for that one. this sunday the annual columbus day parade sets off in philadelphia. we were there this afternoon at city hall to honor the grand marshall of this year's parade, connie francis. she's from newark, new jersey but she says she's always had a soft spot for our city. >> philadelphia because of "american bandstand" is like my second home. this is where it all started for me. philadelphia will always be close to my heart. >> this sunday connie francis
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will lead the parade. the parade ends at marconi plaza with a big festival with food and entertainment. today i had a chance to share all of the reasons 6abc is so proud to broadcast this parade. join me for the columbus day parade. coverage starts at 12:30. it goes until 2:00 in the afternoon. and connie tells me she was born concetta maria. >> no doubt she's italian. >> obviously folks are wondering what the weekend will hold weather wise. >> it's a very warm one and temperatures above average. clouds will be around. we'll talk about those details too. as you're looking at the commodore barry bridge. a slight gray because of the cloud cover, despite the clouds
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right now, temperatures are well above average for the month of october. we've got a temperature of 81 degrees. during the overnight hours temperatures still in the low 70s. still a mild night across much of the region. we'll fast forward into the weekend and on saturday, high clouds, very warm start. high temperature in at 84 degrees on sunday, a mostly cloudy sky. you will notice an increase in the humidity as well. a high temperature coming in at 79 and we will be tracking some showers throughout the day as well. as far as temperatures right now, still very warm. 80 in philadelphia, 80s up and down the i-95 corridor to the north and west, 79 for allentown and reading and the poconos 72. at the coast in cape may 76, down in dover numbers are in the lower 80s. here's satellite 6 along with action radar. you can see we've got a partly cloudy sky across the region. this frontal boundary snakes all
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the way back to the grak lakes and portions of the midwest. we're tracking a cold front as we get into the second half of our weekend. but for the rest of tonight, certainly not bad. it's balmy for football tonight with friday night lights. rather cloudy, very mild. kickoff for high school football, temperature coming in at 75 degrees. once we get into the fourth quarter we're coming in at 70 and you can watch all the highlights coming up after action news at 11:00. as we get into the second half of the weekend it's mostly cloudy and a couple of spotty showers overhead by 4:00 sunday afternoon. the showers off to the west but then we'll track that moisture as we get into 11:00 p.m. sunday night and that will be some of that remnant moisture from tropical storm nate that will be working its way into our region. a lot of that heavy precipitation by 10:00 a.m. on monday to the north and west of philadelphia. in fact future tracker 6 confirming that.
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the bulk of that heavier precipitation looks to be to the city north and west where we could find 1-2 inches of rain and locally some spots higher than that. the 4-day at 4:00. it's humid on sunday, 79. and we're tracking that rain from nate by monday with a high of 78 and leftover showers by tuesday coming in at 83. we'll let you know when it will actually feel like fall coming up with that 7-day in the next half hour. >> eventually, we suppose. >> it's coming. >> all right, thank you. a much-needed and well deserved transformation took place today at one woman's home. she is an american gold star mother. an organization of moms who have lost a daughter or son in service to our country. dixon's home was in need of improvement and today the home depot foundation came through in
4:22 pm
a very big way. >> i love that. there's much more to come on action news
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the winner will get $100,000. so the competitors are really giving it their all. >> reporter: it's free for anyone who wants to come and watch the break dancing competition. the breakers started this afternoon. it all wraps up on sunday night and $100,000 prize on the line there. >> look at that little man. >> some budding young philadelphia musicians got the lesson of a lifetime today. that there is world renowned grammy nominated pianist lang
4:26 pm
lang. lang lang was at thomas home elementary school today to announce a donation to be used in investment in music education. he simply saw a need for this. >> the public schools kind of lacked out art and music as part of the system. and i felt pretty sad, because music and art inspire people the most. >> well, that money will go to build a state-of-the-art piano lab and provide a curriculum at 3 elementary schools in philadelphia over the next six years and other schools are expected to follow. >> it's amazing. a 5-year-old girl from delaware chose to use her birthday to help put smiles on the faces of kids who are in the hospital. pretty special young girl here. sadie perry turns 5 on september 28th so she asked her party guests to bring children's
4:27 pm
art supplies instead of gifts. from paper to crayons and markers and paint and more, sadie collected over 100 items. today sadie and mom delivered them to dupont hospital for children. >> she loves art and we thought no better way to share her love than to collect something. we thought it was a great idea to do it. >> i couldn't agree more. one of sadie's favorite i'm ems that she donated are those wooden treasure boxes. the kids can use them to collect special items and that's one pretty great little girl there. >> special kid. love that smile too. still to come in the next 30 minutes. including the reason mattel pulled a baby monitor. >> a special needs child wandering by himself after being
4:28 pm
dropped off at the wrong bus stop. it is 4:30 and action news
4:29 pm
continues with a riddle of sorts. what do ice cream, olive oil, wynn and yoga have in common? you can enjoy them all for free so stay tuned.
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>> an arrest at an escape the room adventure is making headlines. >> granola may be made with love but federal officials say it should not be on the packaging. we'll break down the fda's problem. >> we're going to begin at 4:30 with a story that could have ended in tragedy. this little boy was left wandering around north philadelphia all by himself. the reason? he was dropped off at the wrong bus stop. gray hall talked to the child's mother today. he's live at the right bus stop on roosevelt boulevard and you've got the details here. >> indeed, brian. you can imagine this mother is relieved that her son is at home safe tonight. action news has learned there is a policy in place that says school bus drivers must check a list to ensure students are getting off at the correct bus stop. that did not happen in this case but the school district tells us it's working really hard to make sure this does not happen again.
4:31 pm
>> it was terrible. a terrible experience. a happy ending though. >> reporter: this woman is safe her son is home from school. thursday was a different story, he went missing for two hours. she says the school bus driver dropped off her son at the wrong stop. no one could tell her where he was. her heart dropped. >> everything was going through my head. i'm just thinking the worst of the worst. >> reporter: she called the school in north philadelphia and they assured her marcus got on the bus. she called the bus company and they were clueless, rude, and didn't seem to care that her child was missing. she also had a conversation with the bus driver. >> that's unacceptable. i said you're responsible for lives. you can't just have a none chal lant policy. >> reporter: she got a call from police that her son had been spotted wandering on loan not
4:32 pm
far from their apartment. a good samaritan spotted him and called 911. we tried to reach someone at the bus company but were told they had no comment. the philadelphia school district says student safety is a top priority and said in part our office of transportation has been in touch with the family about this incident and we will continue to work with all our bus vendors, bus drivers and schools to ensure our students' safe arrival after school. simmons is hoping her story is a wake-up call for the parents, district and bus drivers. >> there's no reason why he gets off and you have no idea. >> reporter: so back out live. thankful that marcus is okay. simmons says her son will not be riding that bus again. as for the good samaritan she does not know who you are, but she says thank you. >> that sigh of relief from that mother was felt across the
4:33 pm
studio. route 13 in newcastle, delaware is back open at this hour. chopper 6 was over the crash just before 10:00 this morning. the collision between a tractor-trailer and another car left a large oil spill behind. hazmat crews were called in to clean up the scene. one person was hurt. the southbound lanes reopened about an hour ago. two students have been suspended for posting this photo showing a high school mascot holding a sign with a racial slur. the school says those responsible will also face disciplinary action up to and including expulsion. the students will not be facing charges though. >> philadelphia sheriff's office rolled out a new transgender policy today they're calling among the most progressive in america. they announced the directive for interacting with transgender individuals. the guidelines to be sure that people are treated with dignity
4:34 pm
and equality for every level of the system. from arrest, transportation even while in custody. it was modeled after successful programs elsewhere. state route 141 over u.s. 13 will be closed for the next 45 days starting monday morning. crews have to make repairs to the concrete decking on the bridge. >> time now for a check on the accuweather forecast. >> melissa magee joining us now in the accuweather center. >> it's going to be a warm one. temperatures well above acknowledge. in fact we'll show you the numbers right now in philadelphia and the surrounding locations. weep in mind our average for this time of year is 70. right now in the city we're coming in at 80. same thing for trenton and down the 90 corridor over into allentown. dew point numbers also a factor on this october day.
4:35 pm
dew point temperatures are in the lower 60s. you can feel the humidity in the atmosphere and that's going to be the case as we go through the rest of the weekend as well. we'll show you the picture outside looking outside at city hall you can see a lot of folks still enjoying the water in the fountain this time of year. we do have some changes however as we head into our weekend. here's tropical storm nate. it's out into the northwestern caribbean sea. grazing over the yucatan tonight and back out over the gulf of mexico. we will be tracking the remnants of this trip kal system sunday night and into early next week. we've got a good soaking on the way. we'll take a look at that in your exclusive accuweather forecast in just a minute. >> they gathered inside a wilmington church today to honor and pray for those who gave their lives serving the
4:36 pm
community. the annual blue mass was held at st. elizabeth church. fallen police officers and firefighters were recognized today. the delaware state police pipes, drums, also took part in the mass today in wilmington. philadelphia mayor jim kenney issued a proclamation declaring next week fire prevention week. they also announced a nearly $1 million fema grant given to the ze's fire department to buy and install fire detectors to intell in homes they also have alarms for residents who are deaf and blind. >> hundreds of firearms are going on display at the greater philadelphia expo center. rick williams live with the details on this one. >> reporter: that's right. the three-day oaks gun show is kicking off today in montgomery county and it's showcasing
4:37 pm
everything from rifles to military weapons. coming up tonight on action news at 5:00 we're talking to the gun show customers to find out if their opinions have changed in the wake of the mass shooting in las vegas. dozens of new jersey find out how they're planning to help the island's struggling citizens. just some of the stories we are following for you when we see you in just a little bit. back to the studio. >> see you shortly. halloween still a few weeks away but the kids can get dressed up right now at brick or treat at legoland. the discovery center is all decked out and their special october event weekends are starting now. they have a scavenger hunt, a pumpkin building challenge and more. and they have added more than 100 additional pieces including spiders, skeletons, bat wings.
4:38 pm
>> we went there for an fyi philly shoot. >> my kids are dying to get there. still ahead from olive oil to ice cream. >> the fda has a harsh message for a massachusetts bakery you can't advertise anymore. why they're telling the company they're not allowed to list love as an ingredient. >> and say good-bye to your buddy list. aim will be gone forever. >> and melissa magee will be back with that full accuweather forecast when action news comes back. turning to the deadlie
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4:40 pm
shooting in u.s. history. there are new details that could indicate the las vegas killer may have had some help. investigators have revealed some of the ammo found in stephen paddock's hotel was purchased under someone else's name.
4:41 pm
they also say they believe the woman, the 64-year-old who was seen with him before the attack, was a prostitute. we're also continuing to hear stories of heroism and heartache. 58 were killed and nearly 500 were wounded. >> i moved forward so her head would be more behind me and just as i moved forward, that's when i took the round into the shoulder. >> you could have saved her life. >> that's what she said. >> parish's wife was not hurt. a fund to help the victims' families and the survivors has raised nearly $10 million so far. >> canadian police say two women who escaped from prison on monday were caught the next day at a nearby escape room adventure. surveillance video shows them being escorted out of the game
4:42 pm
room by officers on tuesday night. the women apparently jumped the fence the night before and for some reason after a day on the run they decided to take part in an escape room challenge. how about that. another customer recognized the convicts and called police. the owner called the story ironic saying it's funny that the escape room might be more challenging than actually escaping from jail. well if you're between the ages of 10 and 25 or you were during the late 90s, this next story might hurt a little bit. aol is killing off its instant messenger. the company announced that aim will disappear at the end of the year. it launched back in 1997. at the time when they required the dial-up modem. but the little running man failed to evolve with consumer needs. as if dictated by technological
4:43 pm
darwinism, aol announced the shutdown on twitter and tumblr today. >> big talkers now. we start with a story we first brought you here on big talkers. remember all those smart devices meant to be hands-free helpers for mom and dad. mattel has scrapped plans because too many controversy. it was basically a digital assistant that you can control with an app. so they pulled it following widespread backlash over privacy concerns and the potential for hacking. so this device encouraged kids to bond with it. it collected data. the naysayers were against it from the get-go. parents were wondering what would it do with the location and. >> they insisted it would be secured but it still it pulled
4:44 pm
the product. made with love. we hear that a lot and while we joke it's the main ingredient of home made things, the food and drug administration has officially banned it on any official ingredient list. a massachusetts bakery found out the hard way that the fda is not feeling the love. for 20 years the bakery has been putting the word "love" on its ingredient list on all of its granola packages but the fda is demanding it be removed saying love is not a common or unusual name of an ingredient. the owners say come on. have a little heart. >> i thought of george orwell. the idea we can't use the word "love" on an ingredient label feels like the government is getting a little too involved. >> even though love is no longer listed on their products, it's still baked into every loaf of bread and it is still in every bag of granola. so take that, fda. finally a grandma goes to
4:45 pm
barnes and noble and picks up a book. it's called if animals can talk. cute, right? when they started flipping through the book, they realized this was not meant for a 6-year-old to be read at bedtime. and what those animals had to say was kind of x-rated. this chicken was not cluck cluck. it was saying that rhymes with it and is not suitable for tv audiences. yes, animals saying dirty words, adult themes. they realized this when the little girl got the book and leafed through it and pointed out a word she did not recognize to her dad. we had to blur the whole thing here so you'll have to check it out for yourself if you're old enough to drink. if animals could talk like andrew dice clay style. remember him? >> yeah. there was a movie in the 1990s called "working girl" and we went to rent that and we got "working girls" instead.
4:46 pm
a very different movie. we didn't watch it. another check on the roads right now. gee na in for matt. >> i thought this would be a laughing matter but we have such a big issue out here right now on roosevelt boulevard. as we take a look right now this is on roosevelt boulevard chopper 6 live at the scene. we have a closure out here on roosevelt boulevard as you exit off here on the schuykill. i'm getting word they're out here fixing the joint expansion ramp there. that could be an issue. all these cars are trying to make their way on to the westbound side of the schuykill spray and they can't. so that in turn means we have heavier traffic on the schuykill and particularly on that eastbound side because i want to show you how you can get off at that ramp there. you want to take the schuykill expressway, right here to roosevelt boulevard, that's going to lead you on to the schuykill eastbound. get off at montgomery drive from there make a left. that's where you have to travel,
4:47 pm
have no fear you're going to be sitting in delays here but you can get back on the schuykill westbound. it's been big delays on roosevelt boulevard itself. we do have big delays as well from 76 out. it's so crowded out here on the big picture you can see how slow things are on 95. the vine street expressway, single digit speed. do your best to avoid roosevelt boulevard. >> meteorologist melissa magee standing by with the executive accuweather 7-day forecast next. i'm note the only one who
4:48 pm
4:49 pm
feels like this week is like a month. >> i think you're going to like this weekend. you like it warm, right?
4:50 pm
>> yeah. >> we're not going to complain. >> this weekend couldn't come fast enough. >> eventually fall, winter it's all coming this way. we'll show you a picture outside. action cam earlier today at the wilmington riverfront you can see a lot of folks walking around. it's a milky sky and the clouds dominate as we go throughout the rest of our weekend. as we look at what we can expect as we get into the weekend, well it's all about the eagles. they are taking on the cardinals as we get into sunday and forecast showing you cloudy, muggy, few showers around kickoff at 1:00 and the temperature at 76 degrees. by 4:00 sunday afternoon. got a number of 78 and a couple of showers will be overhead as well. talk about the reason why in just a moment. right now temperatures still above average. it's 80 in philadelphia. that's 10 degrees above the high for this time of year.
4:51 pm
80 in wilmington. cape may coming in at 77. here is satellite 6 along with action radar. you can see we've got a partly cloudy sky across the area and we are tracking that stalled out frontal boundary from new england back across the great lakes. there's a cold front moving across the midwest that heads our way as we get into sunday. for the rest of tonight it's rader cloudy and pretty mild. we drop down to 60 in the suburbs and 66 in philadelphia. we'll get into saturday and we still have a lot of high clouds around. it's warm and muggy, high temperature in at 84. a good 14 degrees above average as we tap into that southwesterly wind. it allows the warm air to funnel into our region. as we get into the region tracking the front as we get into sunday. tropical humidity arrives by sunday with a few showers around. first because of the front. high of 79. and then as you're tracking the
4:52 pm
remnants of nate working their way into our region, we'll top into some of that moisture as we get into sunday night and even into early next week. so future tracker 6 showing you the rainfall we are expecting down to the south. knoxville, close to 3 inches. 1.64 inches there in montgomery as we get into tuesday morning and then we'll widen out the picture, get a little closer to home. in philadelphia we could find 1-2 inches of rain but locally higher amounts than this. this model showing you that the higher precipitation totals look to be north and west of philadelphia and north and west of that i-95idor. on sunday it's humid with a couple of showers around and it's 79. tracking that tropical moisture that moves in late sunday night into monday. it's muggy with rain around then, a high of 78. early showers around on tuesday, 83.
4:53 pm
not bad on wednesday. partly sunny, 76. then getting cooler tuesday. thursday i should say and next friday. i need some glasses. lower 70s. >> you just can't believe your eyes. >> exactly. >> you're not going to believe our freebie friday. free olive oil, free wine, free ice cream.
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event. and you take home a loot bag with treats. >> all good stuff today. thank you. and that will do it for action news at 4:00 today. i'm brian taff. hope you'll join me tonight and every night for a full hour of action news at 10:00. action news at 5:00 is coming up next. paulsboro's a very proud community.
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it's been on the decline with the closing of the refineries and there's no jobs in the community. if there's no jobs, there's no education, there's no food on the table. what's important is the children. steve sweeney... he fought for 'em. this is where he's from. steve sweeney's been here since the beginning. steve spearheaded the whole project and really brought it to fruition. it would've never been done without steve. it was a pride in building this port and then knowing that we're coming back.
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worst mass shooting in u.s. history, there's a somber reminder of the overwhelming loss. tonight, 58 white crosses have been installed along the las vegas strip. one for each life taken. it is friday night. monica is off. alicia vitarelli is joining us. and the big story on action news is a touching tribute for the innocent victims. >> retired carpenter greg drove nearly 2,000 miles from illinois to las vegas to put up these crosses with the help of the local police force. he plans to keep the markers up for 40 days before giving them to the victims' families.
5:00 pm
meanwhile investigators now believe the woman seen with gunman stephen paddock in the days before the shooting was a prostitute and was not involved with the attack. however, they do believe he had some help with his massive arsenal. some of his ammo was bought under a different name. and amid those revelations tonight, a continue to push for gun laws. >> john, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, rick. this is a rally against gun violence here. they hold them frequently. they say they've had 30 of them since last march outside of congressman brian fitzpatrick's office. they are trying to lobby him. we'll get to what they have to say here but first earlier today we were in oaks where there was a gun show that was opening. outside people waiting. inside, eagle arms oaks gun show was opening. the second amendment,


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